Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tus launches Slovenia’s third mobile network

"Slovenia’s Tus Mobil, owned by domestic retail magnate Mirko Tus, has announced that it will launch commercial services over its own GSM network on 31 October, Slovene Press Agency reports. The cellco will offer new subscription plans covering bundled voice minutes, text messages and data use, in competition with state-owned market leader Mobitel and Telekom Austria subsidiary Si.Mobil.

Tus Mobil currently offers nationwide services via roaming on market leader Mobitel’s network, but is building out its own infrastructure in phases. The network currently covers 39.2% of the population, while comprehensive coverage is expected in 2009, according to Tus Mobil director Marko Fujs. Three-year investment needed to complete the rollout project is estimated at EUR200 million (USD289 million), with at least EUR20 million already spent. Tus Mobil is a subsidiary of Tus Telekom (including Voljatel), which offers fixed line telephony, broadband internet access and IPTV."

Source: TeleGeography Research

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Slovenian ex-deputy minister extradited from Canada to serve sentence for corruption

"Slovenia's former deputy economics minister, who fled the country before being convicted of corruption, was extradited from Canada on Wednesday, police said.

Boris Sustar, who was arrested in Canada in July, is to serve six years in prison for receiving kickbacks from companies in exchange for helping them get state funds and loans from the Economics Ministry, where he was a deputy minister from 1997-2000.

Sustar, 45, is the most senior government member to be convicted of corruption in Slovenia."

Source: International Herald Tribune

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

IMF's Projections for Slovenia Incorrect

"Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk has assessed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has underestimated Slovenia's economic growth in its projections. Slovenia's growth will top 5.4% this year and will definitely also exceed the IMF's projections for next year, Bajuk said on the margins of the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.

The governor of the Slovenian central bank, Marko Kranjec, meanwhile noted that the officials he had met in Washington were mainly interested in Slovenia's high inflation, while he also announced that the next IMF mission would visit Slovenia in late 2008. The pair held a number of bilateral meetings on Saturday, and took part in the session of the International Monetary and Financial Committee. "

Source: GCO

Monday, October 22, 2007

Presidential Vote Heads to Second Round

"Veteran Slovenian politician Lojze Peterle was the victor of the presidential poll with 27.5%, well short of the 50% needed for an outright win and below what the polls had forecast for him, as two left-leaning candidates fought it out for second place.

While Peterle looks a sure run-off contender, as even votes from abroad cannot change his lead, it is as yet unclear who will be his rival due to an extremely close finish by former senior UN diplomat Danilo Tuerk and ex-central bank governor Mitja Gaspari. The latest unofficial results give Tuerk 24.55%, ahead of 24.16% for Gaspari for second place. "

Source: STA

Friday, October 19, 2007

Telekom Slovenije M&A Action

"...a dozen companies have submitted offers for the 49 percent stake in the national (Telecom) operator that's being sold by the Slovenian government, which will still hold a 25 percent stake after the divestment.

Slovenia's Economic Ministry announced that 12 companies had submitted non-binding bids by the deadline, which was Monday this week. The dozen include private equity firms The Carlyle Group LLC and Providence Equity Partners , Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT) subsidiaries Magyar Telekom Plc (Hungary) and Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia), and Oger Telecom from the United Arab Emirates.

That group will now go into the second phase, which will involve submitting binding bids once a full due diligence process is completed.

Telekom Slovenije reported an operating profit of €46.3 million ($66 million) from revenues of €380.8 million ($541 million) in the first half of this year. "

Source: Telecom News Analysis

Peterle Leads, Run-Off Expected in Slovenia

"A former independence leader remains the most popular presidential candidate in Slovenia, according to a poll by Delo. 28.5 per cent of respondents would back Lojze Peterle—also a former prime minister—in this Sunday’s ballot.

International law professor Danilo Tuerk is second with 20 per cent, followed by Central Bank governor Mitja Gaspari with 16.9 per cent, and Zmago Jelincic of the Slovenian National Party (SNS) with 16 per cent.

The presidential election is scheduled for Oct. 21. If no candidate garners more than 50 per cent of all cast ballots, a run-off would take place on Nov. 11."

Source: Angus Reid Global Monitor

Slovenia beats Britain in safe births

"Britain comes only 19th in a worldwide survey of the safest places to become pregnant and give birth.

Although Britain makes it into the “lowest risk” category in a new study by Population Action International, it is bettered by some surprising nations, including Cuba, Estonia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Singapore.

The league tables, headed by the Netherlands, compares the risks of dying in pregnancy and childbirth by analysing nine indicators. These include the maternal death rate, the infant mortality rate, the proportion of birth attended by skilled health personnel, the prevalence of HIV/Aids, the percentage of women married by the age of 18, adolescent fertility, and coverage of antenatal care."

Source: Times Online