Saturday, December 22, 2007

Celebrations at Schengen Passes with Italy

"Trieste, 20th December - Italy and Slovenia are about to write another page in their history, following Ljubljana's entry to the European Union and the single currency. From midnight tonight frontier barriers will disappear, and from tomorrow onwards all passes will be free to traffic, without even the need to display an identity card. Ceremonies are already underway today to mark the entry of Slovenia into the Schengen area. They are to culminate with Saturday's most high-profile celebration, which is to take place in Rabuiese, in the presence of the President of the European Commission, Manuel Jose' Barroso and of Italy's Interior Minister Giuliano Amato."

Source: AGI News On

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Croatia May Back Down on Fishing Zone

"Croatia is likely to ease a planned enforcement of a protected fishing zone in the Adriatic in January, which has angered neighbours and worried the European Commission, President Stjepan Mesic said on Tuesday.

'We want to join the European Union and it is difficult to imagine that the (zone) will be enforced in its current form,' Mesic, who visited Brussels last week, told state radio.

Croatia, which hopes to become an EU member around 2010, is due to apply the zone, which covers roughly 56,000 square km, from Jan. 1 to preserve fish stocks and limit pollution. The plan is opposed by EU members Italy and Slovenia.

'I expect a compromise, a temporary solution until we join the EU. It is now important that experts agree on how to protect the Adriatic and regulate fishing quotas,' Mesic said."

Source: Javno

Slovenia denies plan for Kosovo independence

"Janez Janša has refuted the International Herald Tribune’s claims regarding a plan for Kosovo independence.

The Tribune yesterday writes that Slovenia has prepared a plan for Kosovo independence to be implemented in the first two months of 2008, and within 48 hours of Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany recognizing the province’s independence.

Afterwards, the United States and other countries would recognize Kosovo’s independence, adding that the plan involves a “carefully prepared declaration of independence from Priština, some time after the Serbian elections in early February,“ the Herald Tribune writes, quoting “high European Union officials“ as sources.

The daily says that Slovenia will present the plan in January on assuming the EU presidency, though after the EU meeting in Lisbon, Slovenian Prime Minister Janša dismissed the claims while talking to reporters."

Source: B92