Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slovenia: Hundreds of corpses found in WW2 mine

"Slovenian authorities have found the mummified remains of several hundred people believed to date from World War II in a disused mine. State prosecutor Barbara Brezigar told Slovenian television on Thursday that up to 300 corpses were discovered in a deserted mine near Lasko, in central Slovenia.

“What I have seen is the most horrendous thing that a person can see in a lifetime,” Brezigar said.

Andrija Valic, an investigator from Slovenia's Centre for National Reconciliation, said it would be difficult to identify the victims discovered in the mine before the investigation was completed.

But he said he was confident the massacre had been carried out by the communist partisans of late Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito.

Tito’s partisans reportedly killed thousands of Croat and Slovenian soldiers at the end of World War II who had collaborated with Nazi occupiers and were withdrawing with German forces in 1945."

Source: - Adnkronos Security

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