Sunday, November 18, 2007

Slovenian workers stage mass protest for higher salaries

" Police said that about 15,000 protesters arrived in the capital by bus from all over the country, while organizers estimated that the turnout was 70,000 people.

The protesters wearing red bibs converged on one of Ljubljana's main squares, where heads of all six trade union associations urged the employers, who have so far refused to budge on wage demands, to heed the calls for change.

Addressing the crowd, union leaders repeated the threat of a general strike if no progress was made in the talks with employers on wage increases.

'We hope that the employers will come to their senses. If there is no progress in negotiations, we will be forced to stage a general strike,' said Dusan Semolic of the ZSSS, the largest trade union in Slovenia, 'this rally is the last warning for the employers.'

The protesters were joined by representatives of students and pensioners. They walked down Ljubljana carrying banners which condemned employers' policy and salaries which lag behind inflation and living costs."

Source: Xinhua

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