Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tuerk leads in Slovenia elections

"Leftist former diplomat Danilo Tuerk is set to become Slovenia's new president, as preliminary results suggest he has a huge lead over his centre-right rival.

Former prime minister Lojze Peterle conceded after exit polls showed Mr Tuerk getting almost 70% of the vote. Mr Peterle - who helped lead Slovenia to independence from Yugoslavia - was well behind despite topping a first-round vote last month. Mr Tuerk, 55, was backed by the main left-wing opposition parties.

Mr Peterle had the support of the governing centre-right coalition. But the 59-year-old did not secure enough support to win outright in October, and has since fallen behind in the polls. Mr Peterle conceded almost immediately. 'I expected a better result,' he said."

Source: BBC NEWS

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